Nutritionists insist that vegetables should prevail in the daily diet. Try to eat tasty and healthy all week with us. Let’s cook these wonderful dishes for 7 days. Let our menu with best vegetables recipes have a variety of multicolored food.

1. Baked Eggplant with Vegetables

Eggplant is a very tasty and delicious vegetarian recipe. Stuffed eggplants are similar in shape to boats. Therefore, this food will interest your children, who do not like vegetables. Kids will not like the story of the benefits of eggplant. But this vegetable is very useful.

Why are eggplants good for you? ⠀
Eggplant inhibits the formation of cholesterol. Due to the fact that eggplants are tasty and low in calories, they use in therapeutic and weight loss diets. Kids will not be impressed by the story of the benefits of eggplant. But this vegetable is very useful.


○ 4 small eggplants
○ 2 large bell peppers
○ 4 medium tomatoes
○ 1 large head of garlic
○ 2 hot peppers
○ 200 ml of olive oil
○ salt
○ parsley

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2. Vinaigrette with Sauerkraut

Vinaigrette is a magical New Year’s vegetarian recipe that can be made in 20 minutes if you have all boiled and salted ingredients in the house. Each housewife prepares it in her own way. We will show how to cook this salad, popular in Ukraine. The main trick is to find sauerkraut in the store or make your own. And also pre-cook vegetables.

Like many winter Ukrainian dishes, this salad is vitamin and colorful. The brightest colors give carrots and beets, they are also part of borsch. People joke that vinaigrette is a vegetarian borsch mix. Indeed, the leftover salad can be used to prepare it – just add the broth.

○400 g sauerkraut
○4 carrots
○2 beet
○3 potatoes
○2 onions
○8 medium pickled cucumbers or ○cucumbers from brine
○50 g onion leaves
○100 ml cold-pressed unrefined sunflower

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3. Cold Champignons in Cucumber Brine

Traditional Ukrainian cold appetizer that can be used to make borsch. In the originals, the appetizer includes wild porcini mushrooms, honey mushrooms, or boletus. You can take other mushrooms as well. The easiest way is to take champignons. Champignons usually spoiled fast in the refrigerator. Therefore, this cold appetizer is very good. And, as we found out earlier, it is useful for many people.

How do Ukrainians cook mushrooms? In fact, this is delicious disposal of cucumber brine, which remains with every housewife who loves to pickle cucumbers for the winter. If your family does this too, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s okay. You can prepare the brine yourself. For townspeople, the difficulty may be only in finding some components.

○ 500 gr champignons
○ 1 liter of water
○ cucumber brine
○ 3-4 cucumbers
○ allspice
○ chopped garlic
○ dry dill stalk or seeds
○ mustard seeds
○ horseradish root
○ horseradish leaves
○ currant leaves
○ cherry leaves
○ black pepper
○ bay leaf
○ 1 tablespoon salt

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4. Stewed White Beans with Carrots

It’s great to cook dishes that can be used twice. And which can serve as components for another, more complex dish. A kind of preparation for future culinary achievements, allowing you to save time. Today, such a dish will be stewed white beans with carrots and onions. Excellent preparation for future borsch.

Beans are high in protein and rich in minerals and vitamins. Due to their high protein content, which is similar in composition to meat, beans can replace meat. That is why vegetarians prefer it. Beans also regulate blood sugar levels, have a positive effect on heart rate, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

○ 300 gr white beans
○ 4 carrots
○ 4 onions
○ 100 ml vegetable oil
○ salt
○ black pepper

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5. Salad with Beet, Walnuts, and Prunes

The most interesting thing in cooking is combining different tastes, the compatibility of which you did not even know. When you find such an interesting and easy recipe for dinner, you should definitely try it. In Ukraine, this salad is called Royal. Perhaps because it contains very simple, healthy, and tasty components that, in synergy, give an amazing taste and an unforgettable aftertaste. Yes, this is not molecular cuisine, but I think many chefs have already tried to disassemble this taste into molecules and create culinary masterpieces. The recipe will appeal to vegans, people on a weight loss diet, or a healthy diet.

Why is this salad good for you? Beets contain many vitamins and minerals. Boiled beets increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, expands and cleanses blood vessels from “bad” cholesterol, lowers blood pressure. Also, this vegetable removes excess water from the body, removes toxins and toxins from the body, regulates lipid metabolism, and protects the liver from obesity. It also reduces the recovery time of the body after physical and mental stress and also increases endurance.

Walnuts are also good for blood vessels. Potassium and magnesium in its composition strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. Zinc and iodine found in walnuts are beneficial for skin, hair, nails, and the thyroid gland. Prunes are rich in vitamins A, B, E, and C, which strengthen the immune system, normalize the work of the stomach and the cardiovascular system. Potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus in prunes are good for bones, teeth, hair, and skin.

○ 4 beets
○ 200 g walnuts
○ 200 g prunes
○ 50 ml vegetable oil (sour cream or mayonnaise)

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6. Fried Potatoes with Chanterelles

Chanterelles are the most delicious mushrooms, and in taste and color, they are somewhat similar to apricots. They are very convenient to cook because you don’t have to clean them. The best chanterelles are fresh. The better combination for them is baby potatoes or creamy pasta.

○ 8 medium potatoes
○ 400 g of chanterelles
○ 8 cloves of garlic
○ salt

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7. Vitamin Salad with Fresh Herbs

This wonderful fresh salad will brighten up any festive or everyday table. At first glance, this is a common cut of fresh vegetables and herbs. But if you add a spicy sauce here, the salad will be enriched with new flavors. This salad will appeal to vegetarians and people who prefer light meals in their diet.

○ 100 ml of olive oil
○ 100 ml of mustard sauce
○ 6 cloves of garlic
○ 1 lemon
○ 300 g fresh cucumber
○ 300 g radish
○ 1/2 head of cabbage
○ 50 g parsley
○ 50 g onion leaves
○ 50 g dill
○ salt

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