Vinaigrette is a magical New Year’s vegetarian recipe that you can make in 20 minutes if you have all boiled and salted ingredients in the house. Each housewife prepares it in her own way. We will show how to cook this salad, which is popular in Ukraine. The main trick is to find sauerkraut in the store or make your own. And also pre-cook vegetables.

Like many winter Ukrainian dishes, this salad is vitamin and colorful. The brightest colors give carrots and beets, they are also part of borsch. People joke that vinaigrette is a vegetarian borsch mix. Indeed, the leftover salad you can use to prepare it. Just add the broth.


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  1. Boil beets, carrots, potatoes. You can cook everything in one saucepan. Two hours on low heat is enough for the vegetables to become soft. Check to know if any vegetables are hard, cook some more. Especially watch out for beets, they are the most capricious.
  2. Cut as you like when the vegetables have cooled, cut them into cubes.
  3. Take out pickled cucumbers or cucumbers from brine, chop them. Large pieces give the salad a varied flavor.
  4. Peel the onions and cut them into large pieces. Remove the sauerkraut from the jar.
  5. Now combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Serve with cold-pressed unrefined sunflower oil and chopped onion leaves or parsley. Do not salt, because cucumbers and sauerkraut contain salt.

How to cook sauerkraut:

Квашена капуста на зиму ☆ Хрустка і просто готується.

Video by Ukrainian Homemade Dishes