This wonderful fresh vitamin salad will brighten up any festive or everyday table. At first glance, this is a common cut of fresh vegetables and herbs. But if you add a spicy sauce here, the salad will be enriched with new flavors. This salad will appeal to vegetarians and people who prefer light meals in their diet.


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  1. Take the vegetables and herbs you like. In our case, it is fresh cucumber, radish, cabbage, as well as onion leaves, parsley, and dill. Cut everything as you like.
  2. Let’s prepare the dressing sauce for the salad. Squeeze lemon into a small bowl, add olive oil, mustard sauce. Also, squeeze garlic here. Add some salt and mix well.
  3. Combine vegetables, herbs, and dressing and mix well again.

The Best way to squeeze a lime or lemon.

The BEST way to squeeze a lime or lemon

Video by Gavin Wren