Usually, after Easter feasts, there are many eggs that no one wants to eat in their pure form. Don’t throw them in the trash, you can make a wonderful salad or soup, for example. Here some best eggs recipes for you.

1. Tuna Salad with Eggs, Olives, and Beans

When there are several pieces of tuna meat in the refrigerator, it means that today you have an amazing salad for breakfast or dinner. It includes potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, eggs, onions, black olives.

○ 200 g of tuna
○ 4 potatoes
○ 10 cherry tomatoes
○ 10 stitches of green beans
○ 10 black olives
○ 2 eggs
○ a bunch of lettuce leaves
○ a bunch of arugula
○ 1/2 lemon
○ olive oil
○ salt

Directions you can find by the link in the title.

2. Stuffed Eggs with Mushrooms

Eggs are the easiest way to get a delicious and fast breakfast. Egg breakfast is very useful, especially for athletes. Because it contains a huge number of easily digestible proteins, useful vitamins, and microelements.

Eating fresh eggs every day, you enrich the body: Omega-3, folic acid, vitamins A, K, E, B12, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, biotin. As with any health product, eggs should be consumed in moderation. Nutritionists advise eating no more than 3 eggs a day.

Why are mushrooms good for you? Mushrooms are also a healthy protein product. So let’s try to combine two healthy protein products in one and see what happens. A small spoiler: it will turn out to be very tasty and unusual. Especially for those who are tired of eating an omelet, fried eggs, or shakshuka every morning.

Alternatively, you can cook the stuffed eggs in the evening so you can sleep 15 minutes longer. You can use any mushrooms. Let’s take the most affordable in any store. In our case, these are champignons. So, notes the recipe.⠀

○ 8 chicken eggs
○ 8 big champignons
○ 4 small onions
○ salt
○ 100 ml vegetable oil
○ 100 ml yogurt or mayonnaise
○ parsley.

3. Quick Cold Borsch

One of the cold dishes that perfectly refresh and nourish in the summer heat is okroshka. This summer borsch is able to perfectly satisfy hunger and at the same time tone up in hot weather.

The presence of plant ingredients ensures the intake of vitamins, microelements, and carbohydrates into the body, and animal protein for meat products and eggs, which makes the composition of the dish balanced. By the way, the dish is very easy to cook.

○300-400 gr boiled meat or boiled sausage
○ 100 gr of radishes
○ 50 gr of green parsley
○ 50 gr of onion leeks
○ 50 gr of dill
○ 100 gr of lettuce
○ 2 eggs
○ 2 cucumbers (about 100 g)
○ 1 liter of basis (kvass from birch sap or bready kvass or dairy whey)
○ 100 g of sour cream
○ salt and pepper to taste.

4. Fresh Salad with Quail Eggs

Sometimes it happens that you need to prepare a light snack for guests very quickly or to feed teenagers quickly using proteins and vegetables.

If you only have 15 minutes to cook, this salad recipe will come in handy. Just chop the vegetables and boil the eggs hard.

○ 4 quail eggs
○ 2 cucumbers
○ 4 tomatoes
○ 4 celery stalks
○ a bunch of dill
○ a bunch of lettuce leaves.

5. Green Borsch with Sorrel

Green borsch is a traditional seasonal Ukrainian dinner. In Ukraine, all like to cook it at a time when sorrel grows in the beds.

○ 400-500 gr of beef or pork with a bone
○ 50 gr of parsley
○ 4 potatoes
○ 2 eggs
○ sour cream
○ bay leaf
○ salt
○ black pepper
○ 300-400 gr of sorrel
○ 1 onion root

Directions you can find by the link in the title.