Upgrade your deviled egg game with this delightful Ukrainian twist, packed with juicy shrimp & savory minced garlic. These stuffed eggs are the perfect party appetizer or light lunch. Simple to make & perfect for using leftover Easter eggs! Get the full recipe (it’s SO easy!) here!


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  1. First, chuck those lovely fresh (or frozen if you’re short on time) prawns in a pot with a peeled and washed onion, a carrot for some sweetness, and a good handful of parsley. Don’t forget to season with a pinch of salt and pepper – gotta have those flavors singing! Now, whack that lot on a boil until the veg is nice and soft.
  2. While that’s bubbling away, get another pan on for the eggs. We want them hard-boiled – none of that runny yolk business today! Once cooked, stick them in cold water to cool down those fiery centers, then peel those shells off nice and easy.
  3. Now, for the prawns. Peel those bad boys and get choppin’! Grab a few garlic cloves and bash them with a garlic press – none of that fancy chopping malarkey.
  4. Alright, heat a frying pan with a glug of olive oil on medium heat. Throw in that minced garlic and a sprinkle of that magic Svanetian salt – trust me, it’ll add a real depth of flavor. Let it sizzle for a good 5-10 minutes, then chuck in those peeled prawns. Give them a good cook for another 10-15 minutes, until they’re lookin’ all pink and juicy.

  5. Once the prawns are happy, fish them out and set them aside for a second. Now, the fun part! Take those eggs and carefully halve them. Scoop out the yolks and bung them in the pan with the garlicky oil. Here’s the twist – we’re gonna mash those yolks up with some creamy soft cheese. Give it a good mix until it’s all smooth and gorgeous.
  6. Finally, spoon that cheesy yolk mixture back into the egg whites. Top each one with a juicy prawn and there you have it – Posh Prawn Deviled Eggs with a Svantian Twist! Now get stuck in, you lot!

Tips of Eggs with Shrimps and Minced Garlic

For a more intense flavor, you can marinate the shrimp in olive oil, garlic, and herbs before cooking.

If you don’t have Svanetian salt, you can use a combination of salt, black pepper, and coriander.

This is a great way to use up leftover Easter eggs. Enjoy!

Cooking Time

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated cooking time for this recipe:

  • Total Time: 30-35 minutes
  • Preparation Time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Here’s why:

  • Preparation Time (15 minutes): This includes boiling the shrimp with vegetables (10 minutes), peeling the eggs and shrimp (3 minutes), and crushing garlic (2 minutes).
  • Cooking Time (20 minutes): This includes frying the garlic and Svan salt (5 minutes), cooking the shrimp (10-15 minutes), and mixing the yolk filling (2 minutes).

Note: This is an estimate and the actual time may vary depending on factors like the size of your pot, how long it takes your water to boil, and how quickly you work.

Serving Variation for Shrimp Eggs & Minced Garlic

Here are some exciting ways to take your Ukrainian Stuffed Eggs with Shrimp and Garlic to the next level:

  1. Spicy Kick. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes with the crushed garlic for a touch of heat.
  2. Herbed Delight. Chop fresh dill or chives and add them to the yolk mixture for a burst of fresh flavor.
  3. Deluxe Deviled Eggs. Before placing the shrimp on top, pipe a dollop of creamy horseradish sauce or sriracha mayo into the egg white for an extra layer of taste.
  4. Caviar Craving. Feeling fancy? Spoon a tiny dollop of caviar on top of each shrimp for a luxurious touch.
  5. Smoky Twist. Love smoked paprika? Sprinkle a little over the finished eggs for a smoky and savory element.

Presentation Ideas for Shrimp Eggs & Minced Garlic

These variations and presentation tips allow you to customize your Ukrainian Stuffed Eggs and impress your guests!

  1. Platter Power. Arrange the stuffed eggs on a platter lined with lettuce leaves and garnish with fresh parsley sprigs, lemon wedges, and cherry tomatoes for a beautiful presentation.
  2. Individual Delight. Serve each stuffed egg on a small cocktail stick for fun and easy finger food.
  3. Edible Nest. If you’re using leftover Easter eggs, hollow out a whole egg, fill it with the yolk mixture, and top it with a shrimp.

Benefits of Eggs with Shrimp and Minced Garlic

Here’s why this recipe for Ukrainian Stuffed Eggs with Shrimp and Garlic can be a healthy choice:

  • Protein Powerhouse. Shrimp and eggs are both excellent sources of lean protein, which is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass, keeping you feeling full, and supporting a healthy metabolism.
  • Good Fats & Vitamins. Shrimp provide healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, which can benefit heart health and reduce inflammation. Eggs also contain healthy fats along with essential vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E, and B12.
  • Veggie Boost. The carrots and onions in the recipe add a touch of fiber and essential vitamins like vitamin A (carrots) and vitamin C (onions).
  • Calcium & Minerals. Soft cheese adds a creamy texture and provides calcium for strong bones and teeth. Svan salt, if used, contains a variety of minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Some Additional Points to Consider Shrimp Eggs & Minced Garlic

  • Moderation is Key. While the ingredients offer health benefits, remember to consume them in moderation as the recipe does include cheese and some sodium from the shrimp and Svan salt.
  • Healthy Cooking Methods. Boiling and pan-frying with a minimal amount of oil are healthy cooking methods used in this recipe.
  • Customization for Specific Needs. You can customize this recipe for specific dietary needs. For example, use low-fat cheese or omit it altogether for a lower-fat option.

Generally, this recipe offers a good balance of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, making it a nutritious and satisfying dish.

How to Boil an Egg:

How to Boil an Egg! 🥚 | Jamie Oliver

Video by Jamie Oliver

Risks of Eggs with Shrimp and Minced Garlic

While the Ukrainian Stuffed Eggs with Shrimp and Garlic offer some health benefits, there are also a few potential health risks to consider, especially if you consume them frequently or in large quantities.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Cholesterol. Shrimp can be higher in cholesterol compared to some other protein sources. While dietary cholesterol has been somewhat reevaluated in recent years, it’s still important to be mindful, especially if you have high cholesterol or heart disease.
  • Sodium. The recipe uses shrimp and Svan salt, which can contribute to your daily sodium intake. A high sodium intake can increase blood pressure and be a risk factor for heart disease.
  • Allergens. Shrimp and eggs are common allergens. If you or someone you’re cooking for has a shellfish or egg allergy, avoid this recipe.

Tips to Minimize These Risks of Shrimp Eggs & Minced Garlic

It’s important to note that for most healthy individuals, enjoying this recipe occasionally is unlikely to pose a significant health risk.

  • Portion Control. Enjoy this recipe in moderation.
  • Watch the Salt. You can reduce the amount of Svanetian salt used in the recipe or substitute it with a lower-sodium alternative.
  • Healthy Fat Options. Opt for shrimp varieties known for lower cholesterol content, like spot prawns or pink shrimp.

However, if you have any concerns about your cholesterol, blood pressure, or allergies, it’s always best to consult with a doctor or registered dietitian for personalized advice.

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  • Grocery Stores. Most major grocery stores like Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, and Whole Foods will have a seafood section where you can find fresh shrimp. Look for displays with glistening, firm shrimp with translucent shells.
  • Fish Markets. Local fish markets often have the freshest seafood, including shrimp. They can also offer advice on selecting the best shrimp for your needs.
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Tips for Buying Fresh Shrimp

  • Look for shrimp with translucent shells and firm flesh.
  • Avoid shrimp with discolored shells or a fishy odor.
  • Check the “sell-by” date and choose the shrimp closest to the catch date.
  • Ask the seafood counter staff if they have any recommendations based on your intended use (e.g., grilling, boiling).