Fish diet for a week, what could be better? Many people know about the benefits of fish and love to cook dishes from it. You can prepare a lot of delicious food based on fish. The main secret of all delicious fish dishes is to buy fresh salmon, carp, or tuna. Here are some interesting ideas for you and best fish recipes.

1. Fried Crucian Carp with Onions

Fish contains a large number of fat-soluble vitamins A, C, D, E, and B vitamins, iodine, manganese, copper, and zinc. A large amount of iodine in crucian carp. A fish-based diet is beneficial for pregnant women and children as it contains fish oil. It is very beneficial for brain function and mental development, therefore it is recommended to eat fish at least once a week.

○ 4 small crucians
○ 200 g flour
○ 2 onions
○ sunflower oil
○ black pepper
○ salt

Directions you can find by the link in the title.

2. Tuna Salad with Eggs, Olives, and Beans

When there are several pieces of tuna meat in the refrigerator, it means that today you have an amazing salad for breakfast or dinner. It includes potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, eggs, onions, black olives.

○ 200 g of tuna
○ 4 potatoes
○ 10 cherry tomatoes
○ 10 stitches of green beans
○ 10 black olives
○ 2 eggs
○ a bunch of lettuce leaves
○ a bunch of arugulas
○ 1/2 lemon
○ olive oil
○ salt

3. Pancake Rolls with Salmon

A delicious fishy appetizer to eat at a dinner party or on days when you just want to arrange a feast of flavors for yourself. This gourmet dish is fresh, contrasting, crunchy, and soft at the same time.

Delicate slightly sweet pancake, fresh cucumber pulp, dill aroma, and salty freshness of salmon are very tasty. This is not the food you see in a restaurant. You can easily cook this dish at home. And it won’t take long.

○ 3 eggs
○ 200 ml whole milk
○ 1/2 teaspoon salt
○ 1/2 teaspoon sugar
○ 1 cup flour
○ vegetable oil
○ 200 g salted salmon
○ 1 large cucumber
○ 50 g dill

4. Red Borsch with Carp

Borsch with dry crucian carp, as evidenced by old records, was a favorite dish in Ukraine since the time of the famous poet Taras Shevchenko, who also loved to eat this.

The poet mentions this dish in his letters and works. Borsch with dry carp was a very popular dish among all segments of the population. In fact, to prepare this dish, you had to cook lenten borsch and dried carp.

You need to fry crucian carp almost as we suggested in one of our recipes. Fry them to dry so they are crunchy.

○ 1/2 cup beans
○ 1/3 small head of cabbage
○ 1/2 cup sauerkraut
○ 1 beet
○ 4 potatoes
○ 1 carrot
○ 1 onion
○ 3 pickled tomatoes
○ 4 small fried crucian carp
○ salt
○ black pepper powder
○ 3 bay leaves
○ 2.5 l water

5. Salmon in Spinach and Bacon

This Norwegian recipe will enrich your Christmas and New Year’s table perfectly and could be a nice dinner idea. Your guests or family members will be delighted. We’ll warn you right away: the dish is very nutritious. Also, if you cook too many servings, as usual, you can make wonderful salmon-based borsch. That’s why we write down this recipe here.
Which salmon should you buy?

It is best to buy fresh, whole salmon weighing approximately 2 kg. Because small salmon will produce small slices. You can buy expensive ready-made fillets, but why? If you can take more fresh meat for the same money and cook two dishes. The second dish is a dish made from the head, bones, and skins. Look for this wonderful recipe a little later.

If you need to clean the fish, clean it. Then we separate the head from the salmon carcass, remove the skin from tail to head. Carefully remove the fillets from both sides and take out the bones. Now we start to cook.

○ 2 kg fresh whole salmon
○ 0.5 kg smoked bacon
○ 0.5 kg fresh spinach leaves
○ 100 gr salmon caviar
○ 100 gr fresh parsley
○ 500 ml sour cream
○ 1 kg asparagus
○ 1 kg fresh tomatoes

6. Borsch with Salmon and Bacon

If you cooked salmon baked in spinach and bacon according to our recipe for a festive table on Christmas or New Year’s, or you simply baked a whole large salmon, you definitely have a lot of fish left. Great if there are even a few pieces left. Ideal if there are 400 grams of salmon left. It will make excellent fish borsch. Why is salmon good for borsch?

Because it contains a lot of useful fat and almost no fish smell. If there is any smoked bacon on the fish, do not remove it. It will be useful for us too. The bacon will give the borsch a good flavor. And even more, conceals the possible smell of fish.

○ 2 l water
○ 400 gr leftover salmon
○ 1-2 bay leaves
○ 1 onion
○ 1 carrot
○ 0.5 small heads of cabbage
○ 400 ml tomato sauce or paste
○ 4 potatoes
○ 1 beet
○ salt
○ sour cream
○ parsley

7. Crepes with Salmon and Beet

Caviar and salmon are probably some of the most common crepes fillings.

Ukrainian chef Ievgen Klopotenko suggests not dwelling only on these products, but start mixing them.

It’s amazing to combine lightly salted salmon and thin slices of fried beets.

Add a little more cream cheese and fresh herbs. So the perfect crepes filling is ready!

○ 130 g flour
○ 340 ml milk
○ 2 egg
○ 2 tbsp. sunflower oil
○ 2 tbsp. sugar
○ 1 pinch salt
○ 1 small beet
○ 1/2 lemon
○ 100 g lightly salted salmon
○ 100 g cream cheese
○ 1 tbsp olive oil
○ 2 sprigs of dill
○ black pepper

Directions you can find by the link in the title.