Easy and quick breakfast in 15 minutes fills your body with the necessary vitamins and proteins. One of the best ideas for this is to cook an Instant Pot with Ham and Beans. Some nutritionists believe that breakfast food should be as varied, satisfying, and healthy as possible. Therefore, it is very good if it contains protein, fat, vitamin, fiber, and juicy foods.


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  1. Toast a couple of bran bread toasts. You can use a toaster or toast the bread for 1-3 minutes in oil. Put the bread on a plate.
  2. Also, put on a plate a mix of lettuce leaves, well washed and dried.
  3. Place a little butter or olive oil in a frying pan. Crack the eggs into a skillet and fry over low heat until the egg white turns white. Remove from the pan immediately and place on a plate. Salt and season to taste.
  4. Take washed and dry tomatoes, cut in half, and fry in a pan for several minutes so that they become soft and golden.
  5. Cut the ham or get it already cut from the store. For a hearty breakfast, 3-4 pieces are enough and also put on a plate.
  6. Take some white beans in tomato sauce. Finely chop dried prunes and mix with beans and send the mixture to a plate. That’s it, your breakfast is ready.

Why Instant Pot Ham and Beans are good for you:

Beans - A Miracle Of Nutrition


Usage Tips

  • For this dish, choose moist, dried prunes for easier slicing.
  • Find the softest beans in tomato sauce you can find, they pair best with other soft ingredients on your plate.
  • The ideal egg for this dish is a fried egg with a runny yolk. Frying such scrambled eggs will save you a few minutes, the protein will be better absorbed by the body, and the food will become more tender and tastier.
  • Use a white small plate so that you don’t overeat, but get a satisfying portion of food for the whole day.

What to eat with Instant Pot Ham and Beans?