Lean meals are traditionally prepared during religious lent. Indeed, such light borsch with mushrooms contains all the necessary ingredients that the body needs during a diet. One of the best dishes is borsch with mushrooms. Because mushrooms are a hearty protein ingredient. White mushroom belongs to the first category.

Why are mushrooms good for you?

It contains many beneficial substances, in particular riboflavin, which is responsible for the normal function of the thyroid gland, the growth of nails, hair, skin, and the health of the body in general. Dried porcini mushrooms contain a special substance, which is used in the treatment of angina pectoris. The recipe provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions, making it accessible to beginner cooks.So, let’s cook it.


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  1. Dice mushrooms, onions, carrots, cabbage, and bell peppers.
  2. Pour sunflower oil on the bottom of the pan. Add the already chopped vegetables. Fry until golden brown.
  3. Add dried mushrooms, tomato sauce, bay leaf, salt, and black pepper. Wait 5 minutes.
  4. Pour water into the pan.
  5. Chop the potatoes and add them to the boiling mixture.
  6. Leave the pan on the fire for another 40 minutes.
  7. It can be served with sour cream. Fresh herbs displace the taste and smell of mushrooms. So it is better without greens.

The recipe uses mushrooms and bell peppers as additional ingredients, which can add extra depth of flavor and nutrients to the dish. It calls for a vegetable broth instead of meat-based broth, making it a great option for vegetarians or those who prefer a lighter soup.
The use of vinegar and honey can balance out the sweetness and sourness of the soup, giving it a pleasant tangy taste.

How to cut vegetables into stripes for light borsch:

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Potential Pros, Cons, and History related to Light Borsch:


  • Borsch is often a very nutrient-dense soup, as it typically contains a variety of vegetables, herbs, and sometimes even meat or beans. This can make it a great option for those looking to incorporate more vegetables and protein into their diet.
  • The soup is often served hot, which can be comforting and satisfying on a cold day.
  • Borsch can be easily customized to suit individual tastes, as there are many variations of the soup across different cultures and regions.
  • The recipe is relatively simple and easy to follow, with clear instructions and ingredient measurements provided.
  • The use of mushrooms and bell peppers in addition to beets and other vegetables can provide extra nutrients and flavors to the soup.
  • The soup is low in calories and fat, making it a good option for those who are watching their intake or looking for a lighter meal.
  • The recipe calls for vegetable broth instead of meat-based broth, making it a good option for vegetarians or those who prefer to avoid animal products.
  • The recipe includes the use of honey and vinegar to balance out the flavors of the soup, which can add complexity and depth to the dish.


  • Some people may not enjoy the taste of borsch, particularly if they are not accustomed to the sour or tangy flavor that is characteristic of the soup.
  • The recipe may require a fair amount of chopping and preparation, which can be time-consuming and may not be feasible for those with limited time or energy to cook.
  • The recipe does not include any protein sources, which may make it less satisfying or filling for some people.
  • Some variations of borsch may contain high amounts of sodium or fat, particularly if meat or dairy products are used. This may not be ideal for those with certain dietary restrictions or preferences.


  • Borsch is a soup that has been enjoyed for centuries across various regions of Eastern and Central Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania.
  • It is believed to have originated in Ukraine, where it was traditionally made with beets, cabbage, and other vegetables.
  • Over time, variations of borsch have emerged that may include additional ingredients such as potatoes, meat, or sour cream.
  • Borsch has become an important part of many cultural traditions and celebrations, particularly in Ukraine where it is often served during weddings, holidays, and other special occasions.

The recipe for light borsch with mushrooms and peppers appears to be a healthy and flavorful take on the classic soup. While it may not be suitable for everyone’s tastes or dietary needs, it can be a great option for those looking for a lighter, vegetarian version of the dish.