In one of the episodes of the Ukrainian program “The Inside Out World”, TV presenter Dmitry Komarov met with actress Lucelia Santos, who played the main role in the Brazilian TV series “Slave Isaura”. The actress has prepared a Brazilian version of borsch. The actress has been a vegetarian for 35 years. That is why her brazilian borsch turned out to be somewhat unusual.

Dmitry, in the same kitchen with the actress, was preparing traditional Ukrainian borsch, which his mother prepares. Today we’ll cook Brazilian borsch. But you can also see in the video below how the actress’s recipe differs from Dmitry’s mom’s recipe.


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  1. Clean the beets and boil them in enough water.
  2. After boiling, add peeled garlic and ginger to the water.
  3. When the beets are cooked, take them and the garlic with ginger out of the saucepan. Don’t drain the water.
  4. Grind our ingredients in a blender. If necessary, add the water in which they were cooked.
  5. You should get a thick puree soup, which we salt and pepper.
  6. Pour the borsch into plates.
  7. Add sour cream in portions to taste.


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Source: 1+1, youtube/naiznankutv