Fried crepes with vegetables are delicious food. The crunchy crust of the crepes and the soft vegetable filling make a very good combination. And if you sprinkle them with sesame seeds, you get yummy for breakfast or dinner.


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  1. Let’s prepare the filling. Put thinly chopped bell peppers, cabbage, onions, carrots in a frying pan with olive oil, salt to taste. Simmer for 40 minutes. Let the filling cool down.
  2. Let’s make pancake dough. Take 3 eggs and whisk well with a mixer.
  3. Add milk and vegetable oil to the eggs, mix again. Add flour, sugar, salt to the solution and mix well. Let it settle a little.
  4. Use a scoop or measuring container to scoop up the dough and pour it into a well-heated frying pan. Fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown.
  5. Put the filling in each crepe and wrap it in a roll. Cut in half.
  6. Separate the yolk from the protein and whisk. Spread the yolk on the roll and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Deep-fry the rolls or in a pan until crisp. Serve cold or warm.

How to make thin crepes:


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