Crepes are a great nutritious food with sweet or savory fillings. The most delicious crepes are the ones you want to eat right now for dinner. If you going to make a light breakfast — crepes with bananas and strawberry, use any fruit for your dessert. For a hearty dinner, you can take meat, mushrooms, or fish. Combine any fillings and flavors.

Let’s cook a dessert for two with bananas and strawberries today. How to cook crepes correctly so that they are thin and tasty? Read below and try cooking yourself.


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  1. For crepes, sift the flour through a sieve, and stir eggs in a deep bowl. Pour whole milk into a bowl. Add sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla and mix well. Use a whisk or mixer.
  2. Take another bowl and combine the flour and half the egg-milk liquid in it. Then gradually add liquid to the dough and stir. When all the liquid is poured into the dough, you get the right consistency for the crepes.
  3. Preheat a pan over medium heat, so crepes will not burn. You can use a pastry brush to grease the pan with vegetable oil.
  4. Spread the dough scoop evenly over the surface of the pan. To do this, you can use a smooth slope of the pan or a special crepe tool.
  5. When a minute later the dough is browned in the pan, turn the pancake gently and fry on the other side.
  6. Prepare a sweet filling, chop bananas and strawberries. Wrap the fruit in a crepe. Serve it with chocolate dressing.

How to make crepes:

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