Cooking chicken liver for dinner is a very good and healthy idea. Especially when you do not have much time, but want to eat right now. This recipe is quick and easy. And you can serve this dish alone or with mashed potatoes or porridge made from wheat or corn grits. The liver goes well with oatmeal.

Chicken liver is very useful, especially in winter. It improves blood composition, improves immunity, and has a beneficial effect on brain function, improves mental capacity. The liver is included in diets for weight loss because it is low in calories and can suppress appetite.


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  1. Pour refined oil into a frying pan, warm up a little. Сlean and chop the onion and garlic into large pieces, fry until golden brown.
  2. Rinse well the chicken liver and dry a little. Put it in a frying pan and simmer for 20 minutes under the lid.
  3. After adding sour cream, stir and simmer for another 10 minutes.
  4. Serve warm with porridge or mashed potatoes.

Why chicken liver is good for you:

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