Cheesecake with raspberry and honey is a very light and nutritious dessert that you can make without baking. If you have some cottage cheese and cookies left, you will cook some delicious dessert for two. We tried to play on a combination of sweet and sour, combined the acidity of cottage cheese and raspberries with the sweetness of phacelia honey.

Why is this dish good for you?

Raspberries are a source of vitamins and microelements that have a beneficial effect on blood composition, heart, brain, and stomach function. This magic berry rejuvenates and improves skin tone, improves sleep and mood.

Honey is an excellent antidepressant, its regular use reduces anxiety and normalizes sleep. Moreover, honey has medicinal properties. Its regular use restores the protective functions of the body, rejuvenates. Honey has anti-inflammatory, strong bactericidal, and antiviral properties. The main thing is to use organic pure honey.

For culinary decisions, it is better to use honey varieties that contain more fructose in their composition and, because of this, do not crystallize for a long time. In winter, you can use phacelia or acacia honey.


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  1. Prepare a gelatin solution. Just pour boiling water over the gelatin and stir to dissolve.
  2. Grind cottage cheese, vanilla, sugar, and half of all sour cream with a blender. Pour in 2/3 of the chilled gelatin solution while whisking. Place the mixture in a baking pan that already contains cookie crumbs. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  3. While the mixture is solidifying, pass the raspberries through a blender and a sieve. Save a few raspberries for decoration. Add honey and the second half of sour cream to the resulting juice. Also, add 1/3 of the gelatin solution here.
  4. After 2 hours, remove the curd cake from the refrigerator and fill it with a raspberry-cream solution. After an hour, you can take out the cake and decorate it. But it’s better to leave the cake overnight. So it will infuse better and the cookies on the bottom will be moister.

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