The idea is to dispose of a dry loaf, bread, or baguette that is dry and looks unusable. Part of it you can use as a breadcrumb for any dish. However, do not forget about the existence of such a simple and delicious meat cutlets with loaf recipe that will become the pearl of your dinner.

In Ukraine, the most popular type of cutlet is the “Kyiv style”. There, a piece of butter is responsible for the juicy texture, which the cook adds to the inside of the meatball. In this recipe, we will use bacon instead of butter.

Any meat you can use for cutlets. The juiciest cutlets are always made from pork. Make a more dietary meal with fish or chicken but forget about the juicy texture. Pork meat is also rich in zinc and magnesium, so eating has a positive effect on heart health. It also contains the amino acid lysine, which is essential for the proper formation of bones.


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  1. To make the minced meat more fluffy, soak dry bread or a loaf in water. When the loaf swells, squeeze the water out with your hands.
  2. Prepare minced meat with fresh pork and bacon. Pass the onion and garlic through a meat grinder.
  3. Add the soaked loaf and eggs to the minced meat. Season with salt and pepper, stir well.
  4. Prepare bread crumbs from the second part of the loaf. Form the patties with your hands, roll each patty in breadcrumbs. If there are no bread crumbs, you can fry the cutlets without them.
  5. Fry over low heat in vegetable oil. The next day, if the cutlets are leftover from dinner, you can reheat them with fried onions, pouring in a little water. You will get a pleasant aromatic sauce that can be served with potatoes, pasta, or rice.

How to make perfect breadcrumbs at home:

How to make perfect breadcrumbs at home

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